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It's been such a long time since I was able to pour my imagination into my photos. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE getting to do wedding photography; there are few things better than getting to capture various beautiful love stories through the lens of a camera-- but when I was younger, the whole reason I got into photography was because it was a creative outlet for me. Now that it's become more of a job, random shoots where my friends dress up as mystical creatures and lay out in the middle of a disgusting lake have become far and few in-between. 

That being said, yesterday was magical! We drove all the way out to the Great Salt Lake (mostly because I'd never shot there and also because I guess there's weird stuff going on at Utah Lake that's making people sick) to shoot this fantastical mermaid idea. I bought this cheap mer-tail off of amazon (turns out, it's totally from Korea!) once the lovely Callie volunteered to model for me; I mean, you can't look at her hair without thinking "mermaid." 

We didn't know how disgusting the location was going to be until we'd driven all the way out there and walked ten minutes to the shore of the lake. NO JOKE, there were BILLIONS of flies EVERYWHERE. They were itty bitty little demons piling on top of each other and creating the false illusion of GRASS on the beach (yes, there were THAT MANY flies). Every time we'd take a step, a swarm of flies would burst into the air, buzzing around us. The smell didn't help, either. I won't go into too much detail, but we're talking "the smell of a thousand old porta-potties." 

We weren't there for long, but we made our time there worth it (I mean, we weren't going to endure all of that disgustingness for nothing)! These photos are the result of our sacrifices (lol). Now I'm convinced that I want to continue this idea by doing a series of shoots depicting the various Disney Princesses (if you think you're basically a Disney princess, make yourself known). Let me know what you think!



  1. oh my gosh these are so beautiful. I love the idea. I'd volunteer but I don't think I look like any Disney Princesses lol

    1. haha I appreciate that you'd volunteer, though! It's okay, I don't look like any of the Disney princesses either. :)


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