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I have had such a bizarre bout of bad luck over the past week and it's been cracking me up! We're talking ridiculously dumb bad luck. For example, I was out playing Pokemon Go with Tay and my two younger brothers last Sunday, and by the end of the night I could hardly walk-- which was kind of bizarre. Come to find out, the big toe on my right foot decided to act out and get all infected and I had to deal with that for a couple of days. HA. Eventually the infection faded away, but it made sure to make me really miserable during its stay. 

Another example: yesterday morning, I took Kingsley out into the yard so he could relieve himself. I was sitting on the front porch in a pair of really tight yoga pants (that information will become pertinent in just a moment, I promise) watching the pup run around when suddenly my butt started to sting (and when I say "butt," it was more like "lower-back, upper butt"). I fiddled with the top of my pants, trying to see if I could see any sign as to why my butt suddenly began to sting, but I couldn't quite get a good enough angle. So, I called out to Tay and asked for his help. He examined my skin for a bit, then pulled back my pants a notch so he could see a little better. Lo and behold, right in my pants he found a really livid wasp. WUT? I still cannot fathom how that little sucker managed to weasel his way INTO my really tight yoga pants, but whatever. My butt started to swell up and everything. There was a big ol' red and swollen bump the size of a quarter around where the dumb thing stung me. (hashtag #MYLIFE)

OH, and today Taylor and I are cooped up inside with some sort of flu or something. Who even knows? But I suppose it's safe to say that we're really not surprised by bad luck anymore.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that little bit of humor with the blogosphere. Hope everyone has been having better luck than me! 


p.s. the pictures are to prove that our lives aren't 100% miserable! We found this gorgeous field of flowers this week on top of a mountain. We spent an entire evening together frolicking through it and catching all kinds of pokemon.  


  1. Seriously though, how the heck to a wasp get in your pants!!?? That thing has crazy ninja skills! At least you were able to laugh at your not so lucky experiences :)

    1. Seriously, that's what I'm saying!! I couldn't even figure out how that was possible.


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