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After our several-day journey home (and all the chaos it entailed), we didn't even feel remotely guilty for taking a day or two off in order to recuperate (aka sleep, netflix, more sleep). I'll be honest with you, there was a time during those two days when I wasn't entirely sure if I was ever going to make it out of bed. But hey, I'm here to tell you miracles do happen-- I somehow managed to drag myself out of my fluffy heaven-upon-earth and insert myself into the adult world again. I was talking with a couple of friends the other day and we just laughed over the concept of summer. Back in the day, summer meant running barefoot and free, sleeping beneath the stars, and eating way too many popsicles. As the years pass, however, I think it's safe to say that a majority of us feel a bit nostalgic for the way our younger selves spent the long-awaited summer months. It's easy to get caught up in adult life and responsibilities (we've all got bills to pay and work to do), but I've made it a personal goal of mine to put in a little extra effort into enjoying some summertime magic.

Taylor and I, accompanied by our BFF Jill, ventured up American Fork Canyon last night. We drove along a spiraling road that weaves in and out of the lovely, shimmering aspen trees. We headed up just before sunset and watched as the sunlight gently kissed goodbye to the summer leaves, leaving a trail of gold everywhere in sight. Somewhere along the way, we found the field that Taylor and I danced in together when we had our bridals done. It was fun to be there, eight months later, and recognize how far we've come since that day. We've grown so much, learned so much, and loved so much.

"You are my today and all of my tomorrows." -Leo Christopher

It's cool to see how the love we share has changed over such a short period of time. Love is cool because it's constantly changing-- it's constantly evolving. As we learn and grow through our individual life circumstances, we ultimately end up growing closer together. He holds my hand on my tough days and I'm there to give him hugs on his tough days. We're a team and we work together to overcome each and every obstacle that life places in our path. Marriage is the greatest blessing in my life! It's by no means "easy," but it certainly doesn't have to be difficult, either. Like any worth-while thing in life, it simply takes some effort. 

Anywho, we're back. We've got more adventurous plans in the making, but I suppose we'll share those as they come. Stay tuned.

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