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Taylor's "underwater face" makes my life complete. I asked him why he shuts his eyes so tight when his head is beneath the surface and his only response was, "Well, I had my contacts in and I didn't want them to get ruined or something." Have I mentioned lately that I love him? He never fails to make me laugh (even when I'm in a terrible mood and I feel like punching something). Most of the time his jokes are extremely stupid... and half the time his jokes don't even make sense (those are my favorite ones). But I guess that's why he's so gosh darn funny.

Tay is working some pretty funky hours this summer, so the time we get to spend together is usually in the mornings or after the sun has gone down. Yesterday he came home a wee bit early because he finished everything he needed to before schedule. I've been wanting to go to the pool ever since we moved down here, but I didn't want to go by myself (yeah, I don't have any friends down here... yet). So, long story short, I begged him to come with me and he kindly obliged. 

I hope that we can stay young together forever. Although our ages keep going up, we both feel as if we're still sixteen years-old (and we act like it too). Yes, we take care of all our dumb adult responsibilities, but when it comes down to it, we don't want those responsibilities to take over our life and make us boring. I guess going to the pool and acting like a couple of hooligans is our solution for conquering adulthood? Try it out, you'll never know if it works unless you give it a whirl yourself. 



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