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I'm going to be honest: lately I've felt an intense amount of pressure from social media to be a certain type of person who wears a certain type of clothing and hangs out with certain types of people while listening to certain types of music. Social media is awesome in so many different ways, but it's also dangerous in a lot of ways as well. It has the potential to suck the individuality right out of a person. We think we have to be the right "type" of person to get "likes" and "follows" and "comments" on different social media platforms-- but what we fail to realize is that staying true to who we are as individuals is where we should be focusing.  

So embrace the things that make you weird and quirky. Wear what you want, say what you want, do what you want. Use social media to find people who are like you and don't let it change who you are and what you focus on. Use social media to embrace the differences between people and learn to appreciate individuality. Use social media to meet new friends and discover new places to visit. Use social media as a means of enhancing your life, not as a means of living your life. 

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now (just had to get that off my chest because that's what's been rolling through my thoughts lately).

St. George is as warm and dry as you'd expect a desert town to be-- and it's lovely. I've been getting all sorts of good vibes here and we've only been officially settled for two days. Two claps for St. George! I'm sensing a lot of hikes and outdoor wanderings in my near future.



  1. Blogging is fun! But the blogger culture is not always so fun. Sometimes I get annoyed with the whole "game" aspect of it. Sometimes the "game" is fun, but not if you're obsessed with it. Thanks for blogging and being YOU.

    1. Yes! Exactly-- that's the thing that makes social media so tough. We love sharing parts of who we are and we love sharing little parts of our lives. The thing that makes it tough, however, is the whole "game" thing you're talking about. It's fun at times, but when it becomes a constant battle to be a part of the "game" it's exhausting!

      Thanks for being YOU and for always being true to who you are!

  2. Amen!!!!! I love social media, but I hate how artificial in can feel. Product placements and collaborations that feel forced and not genuine. I agree with Bev too! Blogging is so much fun, but sometimes we feel we have to write, dress and look a certain way in order to be read. Which is ridiculous! The reason why I read the blogs I do is because every blogger I read is different and unique. No one else can be you, so why not embrace that :) You're the best and I adore your posts!! Keep on being real <3

    1. Amen to all your words as well! It's interesting because social media was originally designed to share the details of your life with other people. But it seems as if it's kind of evolved into something different as of recently. As a social media society, we've created this web of "being." We feel as if we have to fit into the web of what other people decide is "trendy" and "popular" at the time. But it's constantly changing, which makes keeping up with social media nearly impossible! I think a lot of us get all tangled up in the web unintentionally. We let our thoughts carry us away into believing that we need to change the little details of our lives in order to fit the mold of what we think others' want to see. But like you said, no one else can be you!

      Thanks for following along and sharing your inspiring words!


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