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These pictures may seem to have nothing in common... and that's probably true (aside from the fact that they were all taken this past weekend). Taylor and I drove up to Utah County Friday morning-- we had a spontaneous job interview, a couple of photoshoots, and random other stuff going on. With how busy we were, the weekend seemed to slip right through our fingers (insert super sad emoji here). But, that being said, we had some fun being crazy busy together. We basically live out of our car though, I swear. We drove from St. George to American Fork on Friday, then to Park City and back to Lehi on Saturday afternoon-- and ended up in Midway Saturday night around 11:00pm. THEN we drove to Park City from Midway Sunday morning, and back to American Fork on Sunday afternoon. By about four o-clock on Sunday we were finally back on the road again headed for St. George (with three crazy kiddos in the backseat of our car). 

 I volunteered to watch my sister's kids this week! I figured it would be fun to "play mom," but also, I just needed something to keep me busy throughout the week while Taylor is working. Wish me luck?


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