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The little dudes and I anxiously awaited Taylor's arrival home last night so we could go out and "hike" (we climbed up some really big rocks, but I dunno how much real "hiking" we did). We got to the park just as the sun was slipping behind the mountains in the distance and the St. George heat was quenched a bit due to the fact that the sun had begun the decent into its nighttime slumber. 

The kids wanted to try their hand behind the camera and I couldn't say no to their curious little eyes and they looked up at me, pleading for me to teach them a couple of photography basics. If you ask me, they took a couple of really spectacular shots (yeah, most of them were blurry and out of focus, but that's what makes them special).

My week with the Little's is coming to an end and I'm half relieved, half sad about it. It's been fun having little humans running around everywhere in bathing suits screaming nonsensical rubbish and spilling food on the floor. I've learned to not care too much about the disastrous state of my apartment and just relax and know that, in a matter of days, I can clean it again and it will actually stay clean. Is this what motherhood is like?

Guess I'll find out eventually.

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