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Fun fact: if there is a pool at your apartment complex and you invite children to come and stay with you for a week, every time you ask, "What do you guys want to do?" you will almost always get the immediate and unanimous response of "LET'S GO TO THE POOL!!!!!" It's only Wednesday and I've been to the pool seven times this week (I promise, I'm not complaining). It just cracks me up, because the pool here really isn't all that big or exciting-- so we have to get real creative with how we spend our time there. The other day I brought our GoPro along... which consequently resulted in these "interesting," extremely unflattering but also kinda fun pool photos. 

In other news, I now understand the sheer exhaustion that mothers' around the world claim is taking over their lives. Props to you, mothers of the world. I've never been so tired. Spending the day taking care of three little humans is exhausting! Half of the time I neglect eating, sleeping, and getting dressed myself because I'm so busy worrying about whether or not the kids have eaten, slept, and gotten dressed. That being said, it's a lot of fun, too. It will be interesting when I have my own little babies running around someday.

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