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Well, we've made it safe and sound to our new home for the next couple of months. We split up the 20 hour drive into two separate days (because I'm quite sure we would have died if we tried to do the whole thing straight through) and managed to get both of our cars here with no real problems. (However, at one point during the journey, I said something along the lines of, "Wow, I'm surprised we've made it this far with no car problems," and literally within the half hour that followed one of the cars presented a minor problem... karma). We drove through Colorado and Kansas-- meaning the first part of the drive was really exciting because we drove through a "treacherous" mountain range, but once we hit the endless flats of Kansas it proved to be rather difficult to stay awake. (Don't get me wrong, it was gorgeous out there... there was just no real change in scenery for HOURS.)

There was so much construction along the way. I swear we spent more time looking at orange cones lining the side of the road than we did looking at anything else. I kept getting so irritated because every time we started to get into the flow of the drive, we'd hit a long patch of construction cones and 45mph speed limits. In the end, all we could really do about it was just laugh and keep on driving. Tay and I got to drive together in the same car for a portion of the travels and we laughed at ourselves when we attempted to play the ABC game in the middle of Kansas. It was the longest ABC game I've ever participated and we ended up giving up before it was even over. Fortunately things got better the further into the journey we got. When we hit the rolling hills of Kansas, it was nearing dusk and I couldn't help but to be mesmerized by the hundreds of windmills scattered across the horizon. 

 When we finally got to St. Louis we literally spent two hours sitting in a six mile patch of road work. That was easily the most frustrating point of the trip just because we were so close but we couldn't keep progressing in our journey just because we were stuck in a "parking lot" on the freeway. But we eventually overcame that little bump in the road and made it to our new place. We were just happy to unpack our things and get ourselves situated enough to begin this new phase of life. 

Not even two days into our move, however, we were faced with another set of rare circumstances. A wild storm rolled into town and ripped through everything and anything in sight. I was actually filming the storm through my living room window when suddenly a tree across the street toppled over into the adjacent power lines and the power went out. (Yes, I did catch the big fall on film-- it was nuts!) The scene was a mess and it took the power guys a full day to make it to our complex just because of all the other storm damage they were dealing with. 

Long story short, we spent about two days with no electricity. Which meant that I spent two days with a dead phone (charging it in my car when I felt it was absolutely necessary) and worrying about whether or not all of the groceries we had just bought were going to go bad because the fridge wasn't on. We survived by relying on candles and our one flashlight as our only sources of light. And we had to eat out several times just because the apartment complex's repairmen highly recommended that we didn't open our refrigerators during the period of time when the power was out. (We did open it once... but just to shove a couple of bags of ice in there and hope for the best outcome). It's just funny because Taylor and I always have the worst luck when it comes to things like this! We even ended up talking to one of our neighbors we ran into while we were out walking our dog and she said that nothing like this has happened since she's lived here (which has been about 3+ years, just FYI). I think we brought in all the bad luck? Whoops, our bad. 

 Anyway, with the power out and Tay gone working all day, I ended up getting really creative with my time. I read all of the books I had to read and then found myself with an open sketch book in front of me and a determination to try something new in the art realm that I hadn't tried before. These faceless portraits are all the rage these days in Utah, so instead of paying someone else to do one for me, I just made one myself. It was fun to have a reason to try something new. It was also fun to try and be creative as possible and come up with ways to keep myself occupied. I must admit... I did end up spending at least an hour or two staring out the window and a bunch of old dudes in orange vests and helmets pointing at the tree tangled up in electric wires and trying to figure out what to do with it. It wasn't even remotely entertaining, but I was desperate, I guess. 

Taylor and I are doing well now! Our power finally came back on, our boxes are all unpacked and our temporary home is organized just the way I like it. We even live fifteen minutes away from a little Korean market (and you bet we bought ourselves a nice big jar of kimchi). The weather seems to be behaving itself much better now as well. So far, I'm quite in love with the luscious green trees that I see everywhere in Missouri. I'm also quite fond of the humidity as well (like, who even needs lotion anymore). We'll see how we feel about things once we're here for a bit longer, but for now, our first impression (aside from all the mishaps and whatnot) has been a good one!



  1. That sounds like a crazy move! When my husband and I moved to Grenada 2 years ago, through some mishap we didn't have internet for the first 3 weeks. And since the electricity's different there, when we plugged our computer into the wall the screen exploded. It was nuts! We didn't have local phones yet so we couldn't call our parents. It was like this weird, newlyweds-taking-on-the-world initiation. Sounds like you got it too ;) I'm excited to read about your adventures, and I LOVE your drawing.

  2. K obsessed with the faceless portratis. Please sell them so I can buy one from you.


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