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We made our way to downtown St. Louis yesterday with an intent to see the well-known Gateway Arch. As soon as we were exiting the freeway we could see the glimmer of the arch off in the distance, nestled between a couple of skyscrapers. Upon our arrival, unfortunately, we discovered that the arch is currently undergoing major face-lifts and everything was fenced off for construction purposes. So, alas, we weren't able to ride the crazy elevator to the top (and I hear that's one of the best parts!) but don't worry, we'll be back once all the construction is cleared up. 

The Arch is cool because it is a symbol of St. Louis' role in the Westward Expansion of the US and serves as a representation of Jefferson's vision of the US expanding from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It was pretty incredible to stand at the base of it and look upwards to see it towering over us. It sits overlooking the Mississippi River and just a little way off, there is a little "cruise service" that took great pride in serenading all those within close proximity with saxophone melodies.

Although the U.S. may be young (in comparison to other countries around the world), each individual city is rich with its own beautiful culture and history. It's crazy how different cities across the states give off such different vibes. That being said, we've fallen quite hard for the ever-lovely St. Louis.


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