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 I like it here in Missouri. I like how the air feels heavy after it rains and the smell of wet pavement (it's been raining a lot). I like that I live five minutes away from at least five different parks-- all of which are greener-than-green and pretty as can be. I like the fact that (basically) everyone here has a dog. I like the strangers whom we've met and who have quickly become our friends (especially the cute little old lady who lives on the first floor-- she always walks her dog whilst wearing her pajamas and gets the sweetest little grin on her face every time we stop and say hello). I like it here in Missouri. 

One thing I've learned as we've been living here is merely the fact that I don't need much as long as I have Taylor Dale. We're far from our family back in Utah, but we don't feel "alone." I've always had this fear that it would be hard for me to move away from all the family and connections I have in Utah-- and I DO miss them, don't get me wrong-- but this experience has proven to me that I thrive in constantly-changing situations. I don't have to root myself in the place I've always been just because I've always been there, I can roam and I can wander. In the end, Utah will always be my home, but there's a part of me that has always longed to explore. There's a part of me, deep down within, that feels most at home as the environment around me changes. 

Taylor was the missing piece to the puzzle for me. I'd always wanted to go to new places. I'd always wanted to experience new things. But I didn't want to do it on my own. He's my family now, he helps me fulfill my need to wander. We're good for each other because he, like me, thrives in a constantly-changing set of circumstances. As you've noticed, we don't stay in the same spot for too long. We've been married for seven months and we've already moved four times. Don't be surprised as that number continues to grow. 

We wander, it's who we are.


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