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I'm sure if I had a kid (or kids), I'd blog about it... but seeing as I am not yet mothering a small human, I sometimes feel as if I have nothing of real importance to blog about. I mean, come on, all I ever do is eat tacos, take pictures of other people, and watch greys anatomy whilst editing photos. I do, however, have a puppy. And in all reality, my dog is basically my child. So (disclaimer) don't mind me frequently blogging about Kingsley as if he is a being created from my own flesh and blood. Call me a crazy dog lady, whatever.

Anyway, today Taylor and I got to spend some time with some good friends. They have this cute little Cavapoo named Murphy who is basically has the exact same doggy-personality as Kingsley (we're actually quite convinced that somewhere in their bloodline they share an ancestor or something-- that's how similar they are). It was hysterical to see them interacting for the first time because they're both whimpy little pups who are afraid of anything and everything that is unfamiliar to them. Within the first few moments they were both shaking as if they'd been stuck out in the cold for hours and refused to be within a foot of each other. It took the two of them three whole hours to warm up to each other enough to start sniffing bums and exchange even the most stereotypical puppy greetings (but, as you can see in the photos above, we literally had to force them towards each other before they would even acknowledge one another). 

By the end of our visit, however, they were chasing each other around the backyard and having the time of their lives together. Kingsley has been the worst when it comes to being socialized with other dogs. He's great with people (including sticky babies who tug on his ears) but he's been so terrified of every other dog he's come into contact with. I was actually started to get a wee bit worried because I just wanted him to have a couple of dog friends that he could play with (mostly because I was getting tired of crawling around on all fours and "wrestling" with him) but he simply did not connect with any other dog. Instead of bum-sniffing and playing tag, he'd always retreat to a corner and cower when he'd meet potential new puppy friends. I guess all he really needed was another terrified pup and a whole lot of time to warm up to him. 

Long story short, I'm proud to announce that my dog has at least ONE little dog friend. Hopefully this is just the start of many new dog friends to come (but I wouldn't count on it because.... well, Kings is a whimp. But I love him anyway).


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