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I took my last few finals of the semester on Tuesday-- which means that for Taylor and I, summer has officially begun! Driving home from school that day was interesting, however, because although I am done with school for the time being, my sub-conscious kept telling me that I had homework to do and tests to study for. You know that feeling you get when you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and realize that you still have a couple good hours of sleep left before your alarm sounds off? That's what it felt like. It was glorious.

In other news... I swear I spend every waking moment of my life attending various friends' weddings and taking/editing photos for clients. My little sister has completed half of her 18 month mission and I can't even fathom that because I swear she left like... yesterday. My puppy isn't really a puppy anymore-- he's getting so big and he does big dog things like "shake" and "roll over." Tay and I have officially entered our "pack and get ready to move to St. Louis" phase of life and it's mind-boggling. I've been dealing with daily AWFUL migraines (anyone know any good cures?????). I don't even remember the last time I wore cute clothes and got "ready" for the day (and I know, that probably sounds really pathetic, but that's my reality right now). A hobby that Taylor and I share is looking up houses that are up for sale on Zillow (no, we're not looking into buying a house right now....). We've been married for six months! Huzzah. And last but not least, it's been over a month since I last blogged... ha! And I've set this goal for myself to be better at blogging from here on out, but don't hold me to it because who knows how well I'm going to do....

Life is good. It's busy and I'm going semi-insane trying to keep up with everything, but it's good. Cheer me on as I attempt to be better at this whole blogging thing.


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  1. I have a migraine very regularly. Have you ever tried DoTerra essential oils?? They do wonders for me!


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