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 It rained all day today. I was supposed to go to school but my body protested and instead I just stayed at home, snuggled up beneath covers on my bed and cuddled my puppy. He's not used to the rain; the soft patter of raindrops kissing the window pane caused him all sorts of anxiety. He'd sit straight up and growl at the blind-covered window as if he had all the power in the world to stop the sky from showering down pearls of water. I'd just chuckle and ruffle the fur on the top of his head and assure him that everything was going to be okay and that we were as safe as could be. Eventually he ended up believing me... or just got tired of growling at the window. 

Taylor got off work early today. I swear I can't function as a normal human being unless he's with me. So when we're separated because of work and school I legitimately feel as if half of my soul has been ripped out of me. Maybe that's a bit dramatic? Nah. It's just how I feel. My love cuddled me for a while as we talked about his day at work and puppys fear of storms. Eventually, however, he just kissed my forehead and suggested that we get out of the house for a bit. 

When you don't feel well there isn't much you can do on terms of "adventure," but we made what we could out of our situation. We left our phones at home and went for a long drive in the rain. Puppy came along too. Today we discovered that he's actually quite afraid of windshield wipers. As soon as Taylor flipped them on, our little pup scrambled out of my lap and sought refuge in the squished space between the driver's seat and Tay's back. I just about died each time he'd look back at me with his big ol' eyes-- it was almost as if he was saying, "Why do you humans make me ride in big metal vehicles with squeaky noisy things on it?" Sorry, Kingsley. It gets better with time, I promise. 

I decided that I want this little part of the internet to be a place where I can share my thoughts and experiences-- you know, the little things that make life meaningful. You don't have to be traveling the world or living abroad to be an interesting person. Who we are is based off of the things that exist within our hearts and our minds, not the things have or the places we go. 

Maybe on the world's terms, I'm not that interesting. 
But I've never really bothered with what the world thinks. 


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  1. your puppy though! oh my word so much cuteness! and I so agree. I constantly have to remind myself that it is OKAY to write and post the little things when blogging. not just the big stuff.


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