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I'd definitely be willing to bet that there are few things better than a freshly-bathed puppy (other than a freshly-bathed human baby, of course). When Tay and I first considered getting a puppy we didn't fully consider how much of a commitment it was going to be-- that being said, this puppy has basically become our baby. It's just such a neat experience to have an itty-bitty tiny creature that relies on us so much and who loves us even when we have to get him in trouble sometimes. We love our little Kingsley... even when he's being a pill. 

Life is made up of so many little, magical moments. Sitting beside the half-filled bathtub as Taylor lathered shampoo onto our unhappy little puppy (he really doesn't like baths. Ironically, we have given him three baths already this week alone....) was such a simple and seemingly insignificant moment in time but it was full of magic. I'm grateful for moments like that-- moments that are full of happiness and warmth scattered amongst the hours of homework and grown-up stuff. I'm grateful for a silly puppy who keeps us laughing and for a husband who always knows how to make me feel better when life starts to feel heavy. 


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