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Hey there, here are some pretty pictures of pretty, snowy, bitter cold Utah in the middle of January. I'm kind of over winter at this point because I would rather not have my fingers freeze and almost fall off every time I walk outside, but oh well. I mean, it makes for some pretty, pretty photos. In other news, I'm terrible at blogging, I know. Granted, I've come to the conclusion that I have been terrible at blogging recently for two main reasons:

1) I feel like I have nothing to blog about because I feel like I'm a boring person and nobody actually cares about what I'm doing and...

2) I've been way too crazy busy to sit down and think logical, organized thoughts long enough to spit out a reasonable blog post.

That being said, I've come up with somewhat of a solution: I used to blog about stories and feelings and experiences-- I'd dump out all my feels in the form of a blog post, slap a cool picture down on it, and call it good. But that was how I blogged when I was in high school and my lifestyle was so impeccably different than the way it is now. Back then I had crazy dating stories to tell, I'd day dream about "someday's" and talk about people that irritated me. But these days, things are just so different. So I'm taking on a new form of blogging; but I promise I won't completely eliminate my old form of blogging. It's just going to get a lot more diverse here in my part of the social inter-web. I'll review the books I'm reading and the beauty supplies I'm using, I'll share stupid silly stories with no real plot-line, I'll post pictures from adventures and post about the cool things I bought at the thrift store. This blog of mine will be different from the way it has always been, but it will still reek of me and my strange personality, so stick around and hopefully things will get more interesting. 

For all you readers out there looking for new books to immerse yourselves in, here is a short list of books I've read recently-- some I enjoyed more than others, but they're all different enough that I enjoyed them for different reasons. 

I found this book extremely interesting, actually. It was unlike anything I've read before and it was strangely refreshing. It's absolutely bizarre, don't get me wrong, and at several different points in the book I found myself legitimately wondering what the heck I was even reading... BUT all strangeness aside, I genuinely enjoyed this read. The overall message and theme of the book was really enlightening and opened my eyes a bit about my own life and the way that I choose to handle certain circumstances. Once I flipped past the last page I felt as if I'd learned a lot and the wheels in my head had really learned to spin.

2. More than the Tattooed Mormon - Al Fox Carraway

This one was awesome! I enjoyed the book because I enjoyed her courage, strength, and her positive outlook on life. It was uplifting and motivational and also helped me to think about things I need to refocus on in my life (plus, reading about conversion stories always makes me so happy). Yes, I liked it. That being said, I did feel as if it got somewhat redundant near the end just because it felt as if she was repeating things a little too much and beating around the bush to add length to her book rather than just getting to the point. BUT, it's her first book and I was really impressed that she was brave enough to put her story out there.

3. The Good Neighbor - A.J. Banner

This one was good-- if you like suspenseful books in which you don't actually know what's going on until the very end. I was confused practically the whole time but kept reading because I was so intrigued by the events that took place at the beginning and determined to find out what was actually going on. There were a couple parts that kind of scared me to the point of putting my book down (because I was reading before I went to bed) and cuddling up to my husband for protection. It really wasn't that scary though, I was just being paranoid. This book DOES drop a couple of swear words (which I always hate but I swear it's so hard to not find in books these days) so just be forewarned if that's something that would bother you.

4. Vango -  Timothée de Fombelle

This book was actually written in French, by a Frenchman (which is why the book description is also in French) and was translated into English so that we could partake of its adventures and excitement. I really like this book! It starts off pretty exciting, and, like The Good Neighbor, kind of leaves you with some questions right from the start-- but that's what keeps you reading the whole time. It's basically a James Bond movie worth of excitement and adventure all wrapped up into the pages of a book. It's also based in different places all around the world and heavily influenced by various historical events that have happened in the world, which makes it all the more interesting. It's the first book in a series- and I loved it.

That's all I have for now. Wish me luck in my blogging endeavors for the year 2016. And help cheer me on as I attempt to break my horrible blog-neglecting habits and swing into a new style of blogging, because I'm going to need all the help I can get. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! (I'll just be doing homework and crossing things off my to-do list for the rest of the day... bleh.)


p.s. be my friend on goodreads and/or give me some good book suggestions because I've been flying through my list of books to read and I could use some new suggestions. 


  1. You have time to read books...and go to college? I'm so busy, I can barely get my scriptures, Ensign, SS and RS lessons read. (Because of my stake calling, during ward conference season, I hear the same SS and RS lessons 13 times!!!) Trying to keep up on the others I should read. I think I've read maybe 8 books since my retirement!

  2. Please don't ever feel like people don't want to read what you have to say. I've been following your blog for about 3 years now, and even the most simplistic posts of yours keep me interested. I'm merely a 17 year old, recently high-school graduate in South Africa, but I'm sure there are countless others who enjoy reading your blog just as much as I do :)


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