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Okay-- for the record, you're going to have to bear with me because the wedding posts may just keep on coming for a little while longer. I just want to document and share the little details that made it the most perfect day. This was Taylor's first time seeing me in my wedding dress (that actually just so happens to be my mother's wedding dress as well). It makes me want to cry every time. I'm so grateful for this tender-hearted hubby of mine and for the mere fact that I will ALWAYS feel loved by him.

Taylor and I actually won a free bridal shoot on Instagram and this is the result of it! This video was done down in southern Utah in a lovely place known as snow canyon. It was the perfect location-- the sand didn't mess up my white dress one bit and we got to watch the most beautiful sunset as we were out there doing the shoot. 

We just wanted to give a BIG thanks to Cassandra Farley Photo, Farley Cinematography, Kelli Miller Beauty, Bloomers (floral), and Blow Beauty Salon for putting together this beautiful shoot (stylizing and all) and giving us the most beautiful pictures and video so we can remember it forever! We'd recommend these vendors to everyone!



  1. What a beautiful video. How sweet you wore your mother's dress, I want to wear my mother's but she had borrowed it from her cousin, who's daughter wore it in her wedding and who was much tinier than me.

  2. Ahh we got married on October 10th (I see you got married the 16th) and we STILL have nothing back from our photographer. Wahh. This is beautiful though!


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