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//Winter snuck in over night; she left sparkling traces of icy kisses everywhere she went. I've always liked snow-- as long as I have somewhere warm to stay and I don't have to drive on ice-covered streets. I like the way that it blankets the world with a subtle silence. I like that it touches our (sometimes bland and boring) existence with a little bit of magic. I suppose it's safe to assume that autumn has gone... but she's so good about coming back each year to put summer to sleep. 

//I'm officially twenty-one. It's kind of weird, too. Inside my head I will probably consistently feel like a seventeen-year-old, even though this body of mine keeps telling me that I'm getting older with each year that passes. But I suppose getting older isn't a bad thing. I've never been twenty-one before so it's an excuse to do all sorts of things I've never ever done. Change is one of those things that sometimes scares us, probably because it's inevitable. But it's really nothing to be scared of. 

//One of my favorite things about this time of year is the fact that there are so many birthdays and gift-giving holidays. I've been having so much fun thinking up gifts that are unique and fitting for the people they're intended for. It's making me want to send gifts to random people that I don't personally know. Anyone want to do a gift exchange with me?

//Taylor Dale and I have almost been married a whole month and I must say-- it's been such a wonderful month. People keep saying things like, "Woah. You got married young." and "Don't you think got married a little too fast?" And maybe they think they're right. But I know that Taylor and I got married exactly when we were supposed to-- and I am reminded of that every single day. When you know you're supposed to spend the rest of forever with someone, there's no real sense in waiting around, right?

Things have been a little crazy lately. We've been everywhere and nowhere all in a matter of a few short days. But we've done lots and we've been able to spend a lot of time with a lot of people. That's what makes life so enjoyable anyway, right? Being and doing and becoming. We've only got about a month and a half left here in our first little home as newly-weds. We'll be moving back up to Utah county so soon. But thinking about moving again gives me anxiety-- so we'll just leave it at that.



  1. I have always figured that when it comes to getting married, 'when you know, you know' and there's no sense in waiting, no matter what your age, or how long you dated, etc. The nay-sayers don't get that! I absolutely love the snow and appreciate your description of it in your first paragraph. I also really dread driving on the ice-covered streets though, haha. I much prefer being bundled up with nowhere to go, unfortunately that's rarely the case anymore, but I still do love the snow and winter time!

  2. Snow is gorgeous, but I gotta say that I'm glad to be in AZ where it doesn't snow!
    I love getting gifts for people! I have decided to get all my Christmas shopping done before December so I can thoroughly enjoy the holiday season, and I like the challenge. Dude, I'll do a gift exchange.
    It's crazy how RUDE people can be when you mention you're married at 21. I was married at 21 and a few people took personal offense. haha. I didn't even want to mention it sometimes because I was afraid of the responses from some people.
    Good luck with moving! But yeah, don't think about it just yet. That's another thing about getting married so young- you move a lot! (We've moved 6 times in 4 years.)

  3. Glad you found your photo taking, photo posing soul mate!


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