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 Sorry for the picture overload-- but also, not sorry. Because I couldn't be more in love with the way these photos turned out. My hair was curled before the session started, but due to the fact that the instant I stepped out of the car the sky was leaking water all over my head, my hair ended up in that "supposed to be curled but isn't" stage of life. I guess it goes with the hippie vibe of the shoot though, right? Meh. 

Also, I love autumn. Especially rainy autumn days when the leaves and trees are on fire and the sky is an angry grey. Yes, my dress got a little muddy and my hair was all messed up but it was so mystical that in the end I didn't even care. What's a little mud, anyways? It was perfect. 

Photo credit goes to Brolin Roney, who I'd recommend to anyone and everyone.



  1. I am so in love with these photos!! They are adorable, you are so pretty, and that one with the leaves falling is. SO. dreamy.

  2. You two are perfect and these photos are everything. Seriously. So cute.


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