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An infamous garage shot with my infamous lover. Goodbyes are the worst. But I suppose that makes hellos the best, right? Lately we've had to say goodbye a lot. Which, I suppose also means that we've been saying hello a lot as well. This engagement has consisted of me living in "happy valley" Utah County and him living among the red rocks of southern Utah. It's not too great of a distance-- but it feels like it's incredibly far away.

We said a final goodbye tonight. Not that it was the last farewell we'll ever bid to one another, but it's the last goodbye we will ever say when we have to go our separate ways and accept the fact that we're still not married yet. In just a matter of days he'll come back to me again. But when he goes home to that apartment we've worked so hard to make into a home, he'll be taking me with him. And it's incredibly hard to really wrap my mind around that fact. We're going to be married. We're going to be forever hitched.

I've been extra-grateful for him over the course of the last couple of days, though. He thinks grocery shopping and errand running is fun-- as long as he's with me (and I must admit those sort of things really are that much more entertaining when I get to take him with me). He's patient with me when I'm feeling anxious or stressed and always makes a point to say something nice to me when I need it the most. He's loving towards everyone around him. He's really cute when he accidentally falls asleep in my lap while watching TV. When I get excited about little things like harry potter books and Slurpees he's happy just because I am. He went to the Haunted Forest with me, even though he's never liked those kind of things. It's been amazing to see how much he's changed over the course of the last few years. I never would have thought that the Taylor I met all the way back in my seventh-grade history class would be the man I want to face forever with. But here we are, days-- moments-- away. And I can honestly say that I know he's the right choice (the BEST choice) for me.

We're getting married in three days.
And I can hardly express how happy that makes me.


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