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Jillian and I are lovers. But in a "just friends" kind of way, if you get what I mean. But sometimes we pretend it's something more because it makes other people really uncomfortable and we find the discomfort of others rather comical. I told Taylor that he is my lover lover but that Jillian is my lesbo lover-- he said he's fine with it. So I guess we're all fine with it, really. (Besides, he's already claimed me with a ring.)

I've missed nature a lot lately. I spend too much time behind a computer screen at work and not enough time dipping my toes in cold ponds and feeding bread to wild ducks. But today was different. Today we danced through the forest picking wild flowers as we followed the paths we made with our feet; then we watched the sunset diffuse between barren trees. And for the first time in a long time, my soul felt at home. I know that my lungs are constantly inflating with oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, but sometimes I feel like I'm hardly breathing at all. Probably because I'm not lost in the mountains as often as I'd like to be. But I'm going to make a personal goal to get lost in the mountains more often.

"Sometimes my nipple itches." -Taylor


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