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I guess I spend all my time doing one of three things: 1) being with Taylor. 2) Eating food. and 3) working (which also includes wedding planning-- I consider it a chore...) And, in reference to number one, Taylor is my BFF who is seriously probably one of the only people on the face of the planet whose weird levels are comparable to my own. (Evidence pictured above).

I purchased a green smoothie on my way to work yesterday because my fridge was empty and my tummy was empty too. The smoothie made it all the way to the parking lot of the place I work.... but just as I pulled into the lot, it unfortunately tipped just enough for the cup holder in my car to puncture the side of the styrofoam cup that housed it.... and then the smoothie became the newest decoration inside my vehicle. It was a real joy.

I honestly can't fathom the fact that September has come and August has faded once again. I watch the sun set earlier and earlier each evening and I can't help but to wonder what sort of adventure lies in the days to come. Autumn is my favorite season, you know. It's my very favorite season. 


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