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We are now the proud owners of a cute little apartment tucked away within a cute little town that is nestled among a couple of really red mountains. We moved a big portion of our newly-refinished furniture in this week and it was really exciting. We spent an entire evening, working well into the wee hours of the morning, just sanding and painting and glazing all of it. It was a lot of hard work but seeing it all so nicely situated in our humble abode was a really happy moment for us. Of course, there's still a lot to be done and a lot to be organized but we're just excited to have a little place to call our own. 

Alas, our two months of "separation" have officially begun. Taylor Dale is down living in our apartment alone, going to school and doing all sorts of important things while I'm here, where our whole story began, just planning out little wedding details and working a whole bunch. Needless to say, I'm anxious for October 16th so I can just marry my boy and not have to do the whole "distance" thing anymore. Norway and Korea were far enough apart and we had to do that for two years. I'm more than ready to not have to miss him like that anymore. 

Speaking of the wedding. If you want an invite, then leave your address here. But hurry and do it fast! It's going to be a lot more fun than all of the planning I'm doing, I promise. (And for the record, everyone is invited. Don't worry about feeling like a "creeper." You're invited and I want you there!) 

I just suddenly ran out of words.
So I suppose that's that. 


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