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We went on an adventure yesterday; 

The sun played a little too aggressively upon the sandy shore, which made the sand angry-- so when we removed our shoes it lashed out and burned our feet. We danced as quickly as we could to find refuge where the water kissed the shore.

He took my hand in his and led us into an adventure of the unknown. We waded through the murky water for a while, watching the patterns change as we sifted the sandy lake-bottom with our toes. I'm not sure what we talked about (probably because we talked about everything), but I know that the warmth of the sun on my skin felt somewhat similar to the warmth I felt within my heart. 

I like being in the same country. We shared words with each other for two whole years, I sent mine from Korea and he sent his from Norway; but I think like the real him better than I like the words-in-a-letter version of him. Not because I don't adore his words, but probably just because I can hug the real version of him. And I really like hugs.

It's neat to see how the seasons of our lives bring about new adventures and new discoveries. How something that once seemed so distant is now... not. How I'm still the same me I was two years ago... but not. How everything that has ever happened made this moment, the one we're living and breathing in right now, exactly what it is...

Life is full of new adventures and new discoveries. 
I'm grateful for everything that has ever happened to make my "right now" exactly what it is.

I think it's my favorite when strangers inquire, "How long have you known each other?" Because they always seem to tack on their own personal assumption, "Two or three months?" But when the words, "He's been my best friend since seventh grade..." slip from my lips the expression that is painted across their faces is always one that makes me really happy.

But it's true; he's been a part of my life since the seventh grade. 
And I think I'll keep him.



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