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Goodbyes and hellos go hand-in-hand, really. They're interlinked in a spinning cycle of hypothetical endings and beginnings-- "hypothetical," because I don't think that endings even exist. No matter what, we're always in the middle of living. And as life dances on into the unknown, being human beings, we often have this rather unfortunate tendency to label all of the brief pauses or changes in the circumstances of our existence as "endings."  But they aren't. They're just little puzzle pieces to the masterpiece of all that life was and is and will be-- so if you're in the middle of living is there even such a thing as "ends?" 

Okay, I think that at this very moment I am attempting to say a lot of things that can't actually add up to any sort of sensical thought in the real world (you know what I mean? Like, those brain processes that only make sense within the confines of a skull). But whatever, that's not even what's important right now. 

What's important is the fact that one of those hypothetical "new beginnings" is quickly approaching in my life and it's all going to start with a "hello." And this particular hello has been taunting my feels (via my imagination) for a very, very long time. If I'm being entirely honest, I'm actually having somewhat of a hard time fathoming the reality of my reality right now. Did that even make sense? Probably not. Which makes sense because my whole life doesn't make sense right now. HI, I'M OUT OF MY MIND. 

Anywho, I'm just really really excited for Tuesday. 
And let's leave it at that.



  1. Fathoming the reality of reality? I totally get you, girl.

  2. hey, hi. welcome home, can we be real life friends now?


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