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I think I've been replacing all the words that I used to have tucked away inside my head with memories and moments that I don't want to forget. Because it seems as if the days when words could flow easily from my brain and out my fingertips onto the computer screen have long-since passed. Maybe this is merely the result of learning a new language; you get stuck in this weird limbo world where you don't feel like you're fluent in any language anymore. (Except for sarcasm, of course. I'm really good at sarcasm.) 

I'm supposed to be preparing some things to say for my "homecoming" speech-talk-thingy that will be taking place at church tomorrow morning... but I can't seem to figure out words for that either. Words are hard, man. I never thought I'd be so bad at words. It's kind of sad, actually. But whatever.

My life is really good at going exactly the way I don't expect it to go. It's real entertaining. You'd think I'd have figured out by now how to expect the unexpected... but I suppose if I start expecting it, then it becomes the expected, and then the originally expected things would evolve into "unexpected" things and then THAT would happen instead. It's really confusing, actually. But it makes perfect sense. Logic.

I'm not complaining, though. I like the twists and turns. They cause butterflies in the tummy and lots of surprised squeals. Sometimes it brings about tears as well-- but I'm a full believer that there is adversity in all that is good. I also believe there's good in all adversity.

I say olive juice a lot, if you get what I mean.


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  1. I hope your homecoming talk went swell!
    I'd say you aren't too bad with words- I enjoy reading your blog because of the words you choose :)


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