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//This goes out to the boy who always believed I could do great things and never hesitated to remind me how wonderful he thought I was. 

//This goes out to the boy who could always make me laugh because he acted like a brainless buffoon, a grandpa, or a deprived child.

//This goes out to the boy who, when I was acting like an insane person, endured it well and never had one bad thing to say to me or about me.

//This goes out to the boy whose eyes get so squinty when he smiles that he might as well close them.

//This goes out to the boy who hugged me through the bad days of high school and puberty.

//This goes out to the boy who thought he could put two different patterns of plaid together and get away with it. (He couldn't... but almost.)

//This goes out to the boy who stuck with me despite all my bratty attempts to push him away.

//This goes out to the boy who showed up the night my mom and big sister got in a horrible car accident. He turned on Phineas & Ferb, cracked some jokes, said a prayer with the younger siblings, did the dishes, and the held me until I fell asleep on the couch.

//This goes out to the boy who put up with my antics and claimed he wasn't "putting up" with anything at all.

//This goes out to the boy who honors his priesthood and enthusiastically steps up to the plate to do all that he is asked to do-- and he does it with a smile.

//This goes out to the boy who showed me that it's okay to trust and to care and to lean upon others and who proved to me that trusting doesn't always end up hurting us.

//This goes out to the boy who is an example to me every single day.

//This goes out to the boy who I haven't seen for over a year and a half and who I will not see for at least ten more months.

This goes out to the boy.



  1. hey thereeeeee.

    i just wanted to let you know that your writing inspires me. every time i log into blogger i look forward to reading your posts! the way you write is truly beautiful and i will miss it while you are on your mission! your story and writing has helped me these past few months. thank you!

    nevertheless, i am so happy that you get to go back to korea! i bet you're an amazing missionary.

    have a wonderful rest of your mission - i'm looking forward to your blog posts when you get back!

    **sarah reed

    ps// i love this post & the last post & every post

    1. You are a doll. Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to share you kind thoughts! You never know how much impact you can have with your nice words-- and girl, you've impacted me greatly! Thank you, thank you.

      You can still hear from me every week via email/ my mission blog. ;)

      You're loveeeeely!



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