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Today I drove around everywhere with the windows down. Maybe it's getting a tad bit too cold for that kind of reckless behavior but I'm not the kind of girl who takes logic and reason into serious consideration in those kind of circumstances. 

I know I say this on a regular basis, but oh my heavens I'm in love with autumn. I am convinced that it is and shall forever be the most romantic time of the entire year. That being said, gosh dang it. I can't wait for the coming autumn-- not to diss on the autumn we are currently experiencing, of course-- but next autumn I will be enjoying the company of one of my favorite human beings and the mere thought of it makes my heart want to explode. Exploding heart syndrome is such a real thing in my life right now. 

I keep hoping that every new tomorrow will bring with it the results I'm waiting to hear. But I continue to lay my head down each night as a million questions that I don't know the answers to bounce around the inside of my skull. I know what I want but I'm also trying to prepare myself for whatever the future may deliver. Limbo. That's what it is, limbo. I cannot proceed forward in any certain direction without yet knowing the entirety of my current set of circumstances. And I guess that's what makes all of this so naggingly uncomfortable. 

I should definitely make a pit-stop at del taco tonight. 


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