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That moment when a dear friend/old district leader from your mission comes to visit you and you don't know how to respond when the time comes to give each other a hug. Why is my life so awkward? But also, speaking of hugs, I don't remember how to execute a well-done hug anymore.

That other awkward moment when your friend that always said, "You're gonna get married first" is the one that actually gets married first.

That awkward moment when Jill literally got in my pants.

That awkward moment when we kimchi-squatted in the aisle at the grocery store whilst searching for various medications to help me out when my body hated me.

That awkward moment when we find strange pink jumpsuits at the DI... and then I buy them.

Oh, and that awkward moment when my mom buys a bug costume for my nephew and I put it on before we could exit the store. My mom hates taking me out in public.


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