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Life's pretty weird, I'd say. It has this bizarre tendency of twisting and bending in every which direction to the point where right in the middle of all of it you find yourself thinking, "What the heck is going on?" I mean, several times a day I find myself questioning everything about my life and my goals and my aspirations. I guess I'm just the kind of person who runs full speed in the direction of where I want to end up but yet always manages to end up somewhere entirely different. Maybe I have a terrible sense of direction? Or maybe the Big Man Upstairs just has a very different vision of what my life will become. 

But I'm just going to keep running nonetheless. 

I've been going through different phases of emotions more quickly than I can even find the words to try and explain. One moment I'm overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be reunited with my family and the next I feel like crying because I loved everything about Korea and my mission. And in another moment I'm certain that I'll be stepping onto another plane back to Korea soon-- while in different moments I find myself wondering how long I'll have to wait to get back to that place I love so much. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not only important to have goals that you're working towards, but to enjoy each little step of the journey along the way.

So I've found myself out in nature with my camera in hand on more than one occasion. I also often find myself amongst the company of the sweet spirits I call my nieces and nephews. I've read a couple of books and written a couple of poems. I wear leggings every single day because who needs pants? It's funny because when I strum the strings of my guitar I feel as if I'm strumming the strings of my heart. Unexpected visitors are always welcome. Who knew I'd missed so many wonderful movies while I was away? I've missed Jillian more than I could have ever realized when I was all the way over in Korea. I really like Mom's homemade smoothies. There are so many little details that contribute to the tapestry of my life; and I suppose that's what makes it so beautiful. 

I'm crossing my fingers and wishing on every shooting star, 
but in the end, I'll be happy no matter what. 
Everything happens for a reason, right?


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  1. love this, perfectly said. Similar to how I'm feeling about life right now!


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