August 27, 2016

New Lens & Other Unrelated News.

Here's a fun fact for you: Tay and I have eaten Korean food EVERY day this past week... it's been wonderful. Maybe other people would get sick of it (which I cannot even fathom), but we can't seem to get enough of it. SIDE NOTE: I'm serious when I say this: if you have not already tried Korean food, GO TRY IT. If you're scared and you don't know what to order... just ask me and I will give you some all the suggestions you need.

Also, exciting news: I got a new lens in the mail this past week! All the photos on this post were from the first day I had it. I took my sister-in-law/best friend out to an empty lot out behind her house and, although it may not look like it, there were houses in every direction, but we managed to make them disappear with a couple of tricky angles. Long story short, I'm in LOVE with it. Anyone want to go shoot with me?

Tay and I will be officially moving into our new place by the end of this upcoming week! Technically we've been sleeping there already, but it's been empty the entire time (aside from our handy-dandy air mattress) because it's been under construction. We're throwing new paint up on the walls and getting all of the carpets cleaned, so as soon as we finish all of those projects, we'll be free to move in all of our stuff! I couldn't be more excited. We've been extremely mobile for the first year of our marriage-- heck, we're a couple of nomads. But we're excited to finally settle down more permanently.

Anywho, this post has no real purpose. But I figured I'd share it anyway.


August 26, 2016

Moon, How Do you Know?

Her feet were in the air and her hands were on the ground, and as the headlights sped by, and the sun was setting somewhere far, far away, people were saying to themselves, "Now, that can't be right." Their eyes would latch on to the image of the upside-down girl and their brains would start swirling with curiosity. Why is she upside down? They'd think to themselves. And some would even say aloud, "Well she's a weirdo." 

But she just stayed there, still and unmovable; with her toes pointing towards the stars that had begun to peek through the darkness above, and her fingers itching as the silly blades of grass tickled her hands. Her heart was thundering inside her chest; pumping blood through her veins and love through her being. pum pum. pum pum. pum pum. Never before had she felt so alive; never before had she felt so free. Each heart beat within her chest made her feel closer to the painted sky above.

And the world just kept speeding by. The headlights and taillights of the passing cars threaded strings of yellow and red as they flew down the road near the upside-down girl. Yet every person that passed was in too great a hurry to stop and listen to her beating heart. pum pum. pum pum. pum pum. Each pulse would start beneath her rib cage then move down her arms, and through her fingers, into the grass, and eventually into the earth. pum pum. pum pum. The sun provided one last moment of gold before sinking out of sight in the distance. Upside-down girl's heart just kept beating, and the world just kept speeding by.

Not long after the sun had gone to sleep, the girl's elbows collapsed and her body collided with the earth. She liked the cool sensation of the grass touching her skin. She rolled onto her back and gazed into the star-sprinkled sky above. And there, beneath the stars and the vast, deep blue sky, she waited. Her heart beating against her ribs and her mind swimming in pools of thought. Before long, however, the moon appeared, and it smiled down upon her as she laid in the grass. 

"I'm all upside down, moon." she heard herself say. "I don't know which was is up or which way is down." The moon continued to smile as it asked, "And why, dear child, is your mind so confused?" The girl pondered the inquiry for a moment, letting the moonlight soak into her skin before replying, "Well. I think my mind is confused because my heart has taken over." 

The moon let out a chuckle and gazed thoughtfully down at the girl, and the girl, her eyes full of fire, stared right back at the moon. "Moon, do you love the sun?" she asked, and without hesitation, the moon answered, "Yes." 

"And how, Moon, do you know you love the sun?" she whispered, her voice barely louder than the sound of the night that surrounded them. The moon did not answer immediately, so the girl waited, and crickets chirped to fill the silence.

"I love the sun because she is never selfish. She shares her light with me, and inspires me to share that light with the world. I love the sun because she is dependable. Every morning, without fail, I can count on her to rise in the East. I love the sun because she gives warmth to everyone she meets. I love the sun for everything she is, and everything I hope to be."

"But how, Moon, how do you know you love the sun?" the girl exclaimed, her heart still thumping deep within her chest. She sat up with a look of sincere concern splashed across her face, and her manner leaked her genuine desire to know the answer to her inquiries.

The moon winked down at the girl who was nestled in the grass and patiently replied, "I know because I can feel it." The girl's face softened, and her eyes dropped to the grass below her. "What does love feel like?" she said sheepishly, picking at the grass. 

And the moon laughed filling the cool evening with joy before saying, "It feels like you're upside down. Like you don't know which way is up or which way is down." The girl's eyes shot up and bore through the moon before she simply smiled. And smiled, and smiled and smiled. 

"Love feels like this?" she giggled, and the moon could hear her heart pounding from all the way up in the sky. pum pum. pum pum. pum pum.  Nodding to confirm her question, the moon merely responded, "Yes, child, love feels like that."

August 21, 2016

Mona (again).

We had so much fun last time we drove down to Mona to play in the ponds that we decided we had to go at least one more time before school starts-- but this time we brought plenty of friends to keep us company! We also brought several flotation devices (including one of our inflatable couches). We were only there for a couple of hours but all that exposure to sunlight and water wiped ALL of us out pretty quick!

A couple of memorable moments were:

1. Me almost ripping off my left foot. I was the first one to fling myself off a thirty-foot platform in order to get the rope-swinging party started, but I neglected to hold on to the lower rope (a little black one attached to the bottom of the main rope) so it wrapped around my ankle just before I let go and I ended up being momentarily suspended upside down above the water, dangling from my ankle. Thankfully I didn't hang for long before plummeting head first into the water-- all I have to show for it are a bunch of gnarly bruises lining every inch of my ankle. LOL. 

2. Taylor and Q sharing the deflating-inflatable couch out in the middle of the pond. It had lost so much air that they were sandwiched together in the very middle of the couch and couldn't even move. It was adorable.

3. The fact that Arica and I bought matching space-swimsuits and wore them like we're twins or something (for the record, EVERYONE thinks that she's my sister... but in all reality she's married to my brother so we're not even blood-related). 

4. Kingsley groaning in annoyance when we tossed him into the water. He literally was grunting the whole time he was doggy-paddling. He kept trying to swim to the shore but we were mean and made him stay with us in the water. He made a couple of good almost-escapes, though. 

5. The magical pictures I was able to take of Arica and her magic space suit! Literally she looks like an alien queen or something else really mystical and awesome. 

It was such a fun day! To anyone who has never ventured to the Mona rope swings: GO. It's not too late to make one last-ditch effort to create some awesome end-of-the-summer memories!


August 20, 2016

Fading Sunsets, Fading Summer.

Last night Kaitlyn (Tay's younger sister) invited us to go and watch the sunset with her on top of a mountain. We layered the bed of her truck with all of the blankets and cushions we could find and set off on our way, chasing the sunlight. Before long we found ourselves perched upon a mountain top, we could see everything the light touched-- the Sun's warmth blanketed Happy Valley and created a magnificent haze. Eventually the sun dropped behind the distant horizon and the world was swallowed up in darkness.

We sat there for a while, even after the sun had gone. I think that Summer is getting sleepy. It's giving all that it has for these last few summer sunsets; it's days are weaning down and Autumn anxiously awaits to take it's place. Sleep well, Summer. We've loved having you around.


August 19, 2016

Old Love, New Love.

I waltzed around the beautiful, outdoor wedding reception snapping pictures of all the intricate details, the big moments, and the little moments in between. I watched as the newly-wedded couple held each other close-- they were never more than a couple of steps away from one another. The way the groom looked at his bride warmed up the hearts of all those who beheld it. Those who came to help the newly-weds celebrate their new beginning wore content smiles upon their faces; everyone was happy on behalf of the young, new love.

Later in the evening, the sky turned a bright shade of pink and the crowd gathered beneath the dimly-lit canopy to honor the bride and groom's first dance. They held each other close, whispering sweet nothings in to one another's ears as their faces lit up with laughter. Not a soul in sight could deny the love that this couple shared. 

I let my eyes wander past the newlyweds and on to the crowd of faces watching them share their first dance. As I scanned the group of onlookers, I saw new couples and old couples, I saw married couples and unmarried couples, I saw so many different types of love-- all in one crowd of people. I heard the voice of a stranger behind me mutter something barely audible about their spouse, "Wish we still liked each other that much." And just like that, the wheels in my head started spinning, coaxing out all of my thoughts about the term love

When I think "new love," I think of the freshly-engaged couples who wear perma-smiles and can't bear the thought of being away from one another. I think of endless giggles, thousands of kisses, and playing together in a river. I think of newly-weds staring into each other's eyes in their first few moments together as man and wife. I think of high school sweethearts stealing away in the middle of the night to go on some sort of reckless adventure. When I think new love, I think raw, reckless, exciting, and, well, new.

And then there's old love; an elderly, retired couple sitting on the porch swing outside the front door of the house they've built together-- sipping lemonade and holding hands. A lovely, wrinkled wife ordering something for her sweet old husband (without having to ask him what he wants) at the well-known diner downtown. A late afternoon walk together one lazy August Sunday whilst watching the rowdy grandchildren rampage through the neighborhood so their parents' get a bit of a break back home. When I think old love, I think comfortable, dependable, practiced and warm.

The thing is-- I want the love I share with Tay to be both old love, new love, and all the love in between. I want our love to be spontaneous but consistent, exciting but expected, and adventurous and calm all at the same time. I see new love and I see old love and there are traces of the love I share with Taylor in both of them. I want to keep it that way. I want our love to endure every phase of life and still be exciting. I want our love to be the thing I can always count on to be a pillar of strength and happiness in my life. There's old love and there's new love and I want both. Forever.

And I think that's a perfectly reasonable thing to yearn for.


August 17, 2016

Rainbow Faces.

We commissioned Brittany, an old friend from high school, to paint this portrait of us from our wedding day. Everyone who knows us knows that we are "picture people." Not only do we love photographing the moments of our lives, we love having all kinds of art in our home (maybe that's just a byproduct of me working for an art gallery for so many years)! I've been really wanting to get a portrait of us done and I couldn't be happier with how this turned out-- especially because it seems to shine with every color of our souls (plus it's huge!!!). It perfectly depicts us in a perfectly unique way. 

If you, like me, love the abstract look of this piece, I would suggest that you contact Brittany asap, because she's amazing at what she does and she offers really good deals on her commissions. I'm just all about supporting a local artist's raw talent. But seriously guys, I can't stop staring at this. 

Let me know what you think!


August 12, 2016

Mona Rope Swing.

We're trying to make the most of the last, gleaming days of summer. Last night, we drove down to Mona-- they have a pond down there with a couple of really awesome rope swings. We spent the entire evening catapulting ourselves out of various trees and into the water. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit chilly near the end of our excursion; the sun was shining but mother nature decided to add a hint of "cool breeze" to make things interesting. My body was involuntarily shivering the entire time! But, all shivering aside, we had a lot of fun. 

It's crazy to think that summer is nearly over. But I'm anxious to welcome Autumn back to Utah. Autumn has always been my most-favorite season, but this year Summer comes in close second. How can you not love Summer? It's the season where girls' hearts are as free as their toes-- people run around barefoot, looking for adventure. It's the season of snow cones, country music, and cute swimsuits (ps. the swimsuit in these photos was only $10. I'm all about finding cute clothes for cheap). Everyone seems to be more relaxed and happy. I don't think I've fully appreciated how wonderful summer truly is until this past summer. Here's to the summer of 2016 and all the summers yet to come. 


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