September 24, 2016

Moody Mountain Hangs.

We spent the weekend in the mountains with some family. Utah welcomed the coming of Fall this week... and apparently winter as well. We were driving up the winding mountain roads when we caught sight of the first leaflets of snow drifting out of the foggy haze. Where we were, it turned into slush, but higher up on the mountain, the snow managed to stick. It's pretty spectacular to see seasons combine. The trees were all shades of orange, yellow, and red-- but the sky was eerie and dark. Mist rolled over the treetops all night and continued throughout the morning, too. When the snow began to fall, the world grew quiet. This is my favorite kind of weather; the moody, emotional kind. You know, when it seems as if you'll happen upon a coven witches or starving vampires during your forest wanderings. This also just so happens to be my favorite time of year. So do yourself a favor and get outside (but don't forget to take some hot chocolate with you). If you have no one to go with, just call me. 


September 19, 2016

this is what dreams are made of.

You know that part in the Lizzie McGuire movie where she's up on the stage doing the thing she'd never dreamed she'd actually get to do and she's singing "this is what dreaaaaaams are made of!" Yeah, that's how I felt yesterday (lol at myself). I'm a big-time Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise fan (sue me). That being said, yesterday my sister-in-law and I got to meet up with Shushanna (Ben's season + this last season of BIP) and photograph her! It was an absolute BLAST. Our shoot actually turned into somewhat of a compilation of like... five different shoots... but I couldn't have asked for better light and better locations. I'll share the finished products once I'm done with them, but I just thought I'd share my little fan-girl moment with everyone. 

Anywho, Shushanna is awesome. She's the nicest, most friendly, kind person and she was a lot of fun to work with. She's so down to earth and easy to talk to. We were really impressed with her! Also, she's stunning, so we were dying the whole time we were shooting because we were so excited to see how all the different angles + locations + themes turned out.  Do I have any fellow BIP/Bachelor fans out there? Holla. 


September 16, 2016

Favorite Things: IPSY.

I've decided to start a new blogging series entitled "Favorite Things." There are just so many little things that bring me so much happiness and I want to start sharing some of those things. I'm going to try and share one favorite things post a week from here on out-- hold me accountable for this, guys! For this week's post I'm going to talk a bit about a little beauty company that I am quite obsessed with!

I'm not much of a "beauty blogger," to be honest (we all know this), but I can't help but to share my thoughts about  ipsy. Last year my older sister was raving about how much she loved this company! Given her high levels of enthusiasm, I wanted to see what the company was about, so I signed up for  ipsy myself. To sum it up quickly and simply:

Ipsy is a company that sends out a monthly package with five various make up/beauty products in an adorable little pouch. Each month they come out with a new cute design for the bag PLUS you get five new make up products! As the months go on, you can review the products to receive "points" towards earning free products, and the new products you receive in your monthly bags are based off of the the things you lied from your reviews (so, in other words, you get the kind of product that you WANT to receive-- whether that's lipstick, brand names, etc). The subscription is only $10 a month, no shipping fees, no extra charges. That's it!

All that being said, I would 100% highly recommend subscribing to anyone who fits the following criteria:

a) Loves make up and/or beauty products
b) Likes receiving things in the mail
c) Is too afraid to buy new make up products without trying them first
d) Likes to try new things!

I have been so impressed with the experience I've had in my year subscription! It honestly gives me something to look forward to when I get the email notifying me that my ipsy package is on its way. I've really liked most of the products I've received. Sometimes I get stuff that I'm not too jazzed about, but I just say that in the reviews and they send me more of the things I do like in my next bags. You get "points" for each product you review and you can redeem those points for free stuff. If you save up your points you can get "bigger" prizes OR you can cash in all your points frequently for lots of smaller things. I've loved all the little make up bags that the product come in, too! They're so handy as purse organizers, make up drawer organizers, and they're great for keeping things organized when you go on trips. 

If you have any questions or whatnot about the program, feel free to ask them below and I'd be more than happy to answer them (to the extent of my own knowledge). If you want to try signing up and experiencing it for yourself, just click HERE. Like I said, I've had a really good experience with this company and I'd highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!


September 15, 2016

September Rain.

We fell asleep to the sound of rain kissing the pavement a couple of nights ago. There evening promised rain when the clouds hung low and heavy in the sky. It's cooled down a lot lately-- once the sun dips below the mountain tops the autumn crisp comes out to play; it nips at exposed skin and reminds us that the cold is coming sooner than we think. I love autumn rain. When it dances from the heavens and thunders upon the earth it paints the world a shade of grey. Each drop of water contains a storm of its own-- cold and intense. We danced in the rain together, Taylor and I. We ran through the pools of water collecting in the street and laughed at the sky as it loomed eerily above us. I love autumn rain because it makes me feel alive.


September 12, 2016

Monday Mornin' Snuggles.

 We spent the morning putting all the pieces of our upcoming trip together-- we've still got a couple of big things to figure out, but we're making progress. I'm the kind of girl who worries about the big things, the little things, and all the things in between. Taylor told me that he's going to worry about most of the big details (to spare my sanity) but that he'll run everything by me and always get my approval seeing as I'm the "korea expert." So we'll see how things end up playing out over the course of the next couple weeks-- but I'm beyond excited. 

I think one of the reasons this trip is going to be so special is merely the fact that I've never been in Korea during the Autumn season. "WHAAAAT?" Yeah, that's what most people say-- because the fact that I served an 18 month mission there and yet never spent an Autumn there don't exactly add up. The truth is, I had to come home from my mission early on medical leave-- I spent nine months in Korea before I had an unexpected 3 month "intermission" back home in the states. Fortunately, I was blessed with the opportunity to return to my beloved mission in Korea, but my full mission term ended before the Autumn came. 

So this will be the first time I get to experience it in Korea. Not to mention the fact that I'll have my mother and my husband (the two people I've raved about Korea to mercilessly since I returned home) with me for the journey. Just thinking about it turns my stomach into knots and makes my head start spinning. Korea is so underrated. You'll see soon enough. 

Here we come, Hanguk!


September 11, 2016




September 8, 2016

Too Excited For Hallows Eve.

Turns out, black lipstick, black clothes, and eerie forest adventures are totally my thing. If anyone were ever to ask me what color my soul is, I'd immediately respond with, "Black-- no questions asked." I just have to laugh because there's some sort of taboo about black lipstick and black, grungy clothes. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with being "dark." After all, everyone looks good in black. Any who, the mountains look amazing! The air is getting nippy and cold. The world is getting ready for October-- and I couldn't be happier. 


September 6, 2016

He Likes Me 'Cuz I Longboard.

We celebrated Labor Day by finally dusting off our longboards and cruising down Provo Canyon. It's been over a year since we last long-boarded. I can't believe that so much time has already passed since that last venture down the canyon. A year ago we were filled with the anxious excitement of being newly engaged and now we've been married for nearly a year (whoo-hoo)! I wouldn't necessarily suggest boarding the canyon on a labor day weekend unless you feel pretty comfortable on your wheels. There were people everywhere! Bikers, walkers, runners, strollers, babies, boarders-- the whole of Utah was wedged onto those little bike trails in the mountains. I almost got trampled by a gang of bikers (they weren't very good at sharing the trail) and Taylor was run off the trail a couple of times by other boarders who weren't very good at paying attention. But all in all, it felt good to be cruising the mountain trails again. It felt good to feel the cold nip of air slowly sneaking through the trees. It felt good to just forget about all the important "adult" stuff that we're supposed to worry about and pretend like we were in high school again. 

Life gets pretty hectic pretty fast. But I think it's possible to slow down time; you just have to be doing something you love while being surrounded by people you really care about. So I've made it a goal to slow down the time in my life as often as I can.


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